Places to eat in Seminole, Florida

Morgan Ellis
Morgan Ellis
Published on January 13, 2021

Seminole, Florida covers quite a large range of space and has so much to offer to its residents. From close beaches and numerous boat docks, you’ll never be too far from the water. There are also an abundance of parks around for the whole family to enjoy a picnic, fly a kite, or just relax in a hammock. But one of the best features of Seminole is its abundance of shops and restaurants. Here is a list of A Better Life Realty’s favorite places to eat in Seminole, Florida.

  1. The Wooden Rooster

7839 113TH ST. N. SUITE F

This place is GREAT for breakfast and lunch! Just order at the counter and they’ll bring out your order to your table. The aesthetic is chic farmhouse with mismatching chairs and tables. Imagine Johanna Gaines opens a crepe restaurant. But the real appeal is the fresh crepes! They have an assortment of both sweet and savory crepes as well as yummy salads.

Aside from the crepes is the EXTENSIVE list of coffee flavors they have. Move over Starbucks! I was feeling brave so I ordered a pistachio latte (sounds odd but it was sooo good). They also had classic favorites like vanilla and hazelnut, and threw in some curveballs like toasted marshmallow, lavender, and pumpkin pie. And if you’re looking for something stronger than just a caffeine buzz, they offer mimosas and bloody Mary’s. The Wooden Rooster tops our list of best places to eat in Seminole, Florida, we couldn’t recommend it more!

2. Angry Pepper Taphouse

9366 Oakhurst Road
Seminole, FL 33776

Angry Pepper Taphouse is a lowkey sports bar with above average wings. If you ask me, the best places to grab a bite to eat are usually the most unassuming. Picture this; it’s game day, you’re hungry. What do you want to eat? Chicken wings. What do you wash it down with? Cold beer, Where do you go? Forget those chains, Angry Pepper is where its at. Picture this; there are no sports on and you still want hot wings… ANGRY PEPPER!

One of the reasons this place made our list for best places to eat in Seminole, Florida is because they are so consistent and comforting. They have about 15 beers on tap, some are tried and true like Bud Light or Mich Ultra, but they also have some local craft beers that are a must try! I ordered the Green Bench Sunshine City IPA (hello St. Pete). Beer goes with wings like salt goes with pepper, like peanut butter goes with jelly, like Tom Brady goes with Gisele Bundchen. So I ordered 10. Then I ordered 10 more. The go to sauce? Sweet & Nasty.

3. Beach Pizza Plus

5411 Seminole Blvd.
Seminole, Florida 33772

Next on our list of best places to eat in Seminole, Florida is none other that Beach Pizza Plus! During 2020 I think it is safe to say that we all learned all take out food is not created equal. French fries become soggy, salads will wilt and ice cream will melt. Pizza has proven its self time and time again to be the superior food to take home or have delivered.

Pizza, wings and appetizers, oh my! Beach Pizza Plus has everything the whole family wants for dinner and your friend group craves after a night out. The staff is super friendly and efficient. I ordered the classic Beach Pizza, it was hot and fresh. They offer a ton of topping options. It has definitely become one of my go-to pizza places!

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