Common House Styles in St. Pete, Florida

Morgan Ellis
Morgan Ellis
Published on December 2, 2020

St. Petersburg, Florida is known for white sand beaches and year-round summertime sunshine. It’s no wonder we see a constant flock of snowbirds and vacationing families every year. If you’re ready to make the leap and become a fulltime resident or even part-time, here are some common house styles you can expect to see on the market. And as always, if you or anyone you know is looking to buy or sell, send them our way!

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean house styles include arched doorways and windows, curved red tiled roofs and stucco-clad exterior walls. They often have courtyards perfect for entertaining guests or just hanging out with the family. These beautiful homes are full of charm and are a common style home found in St Petersburg, FL, most notably the Jungle Prada Neighborhood. They became popular in the 1920’s as a sign of wealth and leisure.

Ranch Style

Another common home style found in St. Pete is Ranch style architecture. These homes are single story and are usually a rectangular shape. They often feature open floor plans perfect for entertaining, with sightlines from the kitchen into the living and dining rooms. First appearing in the 1920’s, the ranch house style became extremely popular throughout the 40’s-70’s which made them super abundant throughout all of St. Pete!


Contemporary homes break the mold of the traditional ranch style. In St. Pete these Contemporary homes are known to have asymmetrical exteriors adored with mixed materials such as metal, wood, and stone. Similarly to the ranch style house, they will have open floor plans with lots of natural light from large windows. However, differing from the ranch style the often feature two stories. Sleek lines and clean designs make these homes oh so desirable in new modern builds.

Beach House

Because St. Pete is so popular with its white sandy beaches, an extremely common house style is the beach house. These homes are constructed on top of pillars to protect them from rising water or storm surges if (lets be real- WHEN) a hurricane hits. Huge windows and sliding doors ensure lot’s of natural light and help create a nice breeze. They can be found, of course, along the beaches of Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach, and Tierra Verde.


In the more historic neighborhoods of St. Pete, you are likely to find bungalow style homes. These homes are usually on the smaller side, and are characterized by dormers and front porches. Interestingly enough, the floorplans of these homes are wide open similar to contemporary homes but they tend to have way more charm. You can find these homes in Crescent Heights, Kenwood, and Historic Old Northeast

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