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Gulfport, Florida

Is Gulfport Living For You?

Artsy, eclectic, whimsy and fun, Gulfport, Florida is a small town with a lot of heart! It has a charming “Old Florida” feel. The waterfront district features many of the original historic cottages and the neighborhood is sprinkled with independently owned shops and restaurants. The streets are lined with ancient oak trees and some of the residential areas still have brick streets. Gulfport makes it easy to make yourself at home. If you want beach living but don’t necessarily want to deal with all of the tourists, Gulfport living might be for you! It is more low-key than St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island, but it is definitely a strong competitor. Featuring beautiful ocean views, boutique shopping and delicious restaurant options. There’s a little something for everyone. Let’s find you a Gulfport home!

Things to do in Gulfport, Florida

Shopping, Art, Dining, & Play!

Because Gulfport is so eclectic and unique, you’ll never run out of things to do, things to see or events to attend. Each Tuesday, Gulfport has a Tuesday Fresh Market is a year round market that features local vendors offering produce, baked goods, fresh flowers, bath and body goods, and jewelry. The city also features the Art Walk, spanning six blocks, artists showcase and sell sculptures, paintings and other pieces. In addition to these reoccurring events, Gulfport is also surrounded by beaches, parks and other outdoor options.

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Top 5 Reasons to Move to Gulfport:

  1. Beach/Waterfronts: Gulfport, Florida is the definition of a little beach town. You will always have a great place to watch the sunrise, practice yoga, play volleyball, or spend time with the family. Many restaurants face the water for beautiful views and relaxing experiences.
  2. Unique & Eclectic: If you like cookie-cutter homes with matching color schemes and precisely measured  lawns, Gulfport is NOT for you. Homes here are bright and lively. They adorn art sculptures and other oddities that make this neighborhood truly unique.
  3. Walk-ability: While Gulfport is a small neighborhood, there is still so much to do, and it is all within walking distance. Coffee shops, bars, shopping, and beaches. You’ll never  be more than a few steps from your favorite activity. If walking isn’t really your thing, some locals opt for golf cart rides!
  4. Local Culture: You won’t find a string of endless chain restaurants in Gulfport. The restaurants and stores are all unique, family owned, and locally grown. Downtown is the hot-spot of Gulfport and its where you can find the locals on the weekends… or any given Tuesday afternoon.
  5. The People: The neighborhood has adopted the motto “Keep it weird Gulfport” and that is exactly how they do it. This is the place artist, musicians, and vagabonds call home. Unconventional living is the new norm and people aren’t afraid to be themselves.

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